Invite, search, find and check-in guests in seconds to your events with your tablet

saypas tablet app for invite guests to guest lists
Check-in guest

Use any tablet to
view and manage
all of your guest lists.

Import Lists

Use Facebook to
create events and
import all its attendees.

Promoters lists

Assign events to your Agents
and let them invite
guests easily.

club promoters invite guests

Plan your event with your tablet

Manage the guest lists from one or multiple synchronized tablets.

All your guests will be sorted by name and will be easy to find using the search feature. Guests details: Guest Name, Number of friends, Guest rank, Agent list and Check-in time.

Saypas Door
for Ipad
club guests analytics attendees


Any guest invited by an Agent appears instantantly
on your 'Saypas Door' App in your Tablet

We provide you with Real-time servers connection to get the latest invites ready on your tablet! Our app is ready to work Offline if your tablet doesn't have internet connection when working at the door.

Import your lists
Synchronize Saypas with your Facebook events to import all of their attendees. Saypas also lets you import lists from: Excel, Facebook, Text files and Custom files.


Try it 15 days for free with full support included. You will love it!